Financial Inspection Database System for the General Inspectorate, MEF


Project kick-off meeting with the General Inspectorate of Ministry of Economy and Finance on Oct. 30, 2017. I am honored to be engaged as the national consultant for this 6-month project to develop the Financial Inspection Database System (FIDS) in line with the General Inspectorate’s work plan for the Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform Program (stage 3) implementation.
The system aims to help enhance the work efficiency of the staffs by providing data input/output platform, data storage, reporting, and track and trace features amongst others. FIDS system users are classified according to the staff’s role and responsibility as described in the Prakas #971 on the establishment and functioning of departments under the General Inspectorate. The entry point for a staff to the FIDS will be through a single portal from which he or she may access all the system facilities to which he or she is entitled to, by using a unique and secure user ID and password, provided by System Administrator.
Thanks to the General Inspectorate’s technical team and officers and management in general and Director H.E. Chhay Rattanak in particular, for their collaborative support during the last 8 weeks of project implementation.

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